Piet Mondrian

Still Life with Gingerpot II by Piet Mondrian

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Rolled Canvas
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“Still Life with Gingerpot II” by Piet Mondrian a Dutch painter that revolutionized the history of art through his cubistic works which are characterized through his use of red, yellow and blue in his paintings. Still Life with Gingerpot II takes the artist’s first depiction of this motif to a much greater level of abstraction. The grid framework now interpolates the objects on the tabletop, and no vestiges of the glassware, stacked canvases, or window frame of the earlier composition remain. Mondrian’s works of this period are characterized by a strong central motif (here the gingerpot) around which the rest of the picture revolves in a symmetrical fashion. While in later paintings Mondrian developed a more dispersed field, his overarching concern for balance and order remained constant.