Raja Ravi Varma

Sri Rama Vanquishing the Sea by Raja Ravi Varma

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Rolled Canvas
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"Sri Rama Vanquishing the Sea" is a famous painting by the Indian master Raja Ravi Varma Varuna that depicts Varuna, the Lord of ocean, pacifying Sri Rama, angered at the intransigence of the sea to give way to enter Lanka.Sri Ram and his army of vanaras, half-human, half-simian forest folk, reach the sea on their way to Lanka but find it too storm-tossed to cross. Lord Ram calls upon Varuna to calm the waters but he doesn’t respond or appear. Enraged, Lord Ram, picks up his bow and aims an arrow, imbued with Brahma’s strength, at the ocean. Before he can shoot it though, the Lord of the Ocean appears and asks forgiveness.