Andy Warhol

Portrait of a Young Woman by Andy Warhol

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Rolled Canvas
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Portrait of a Young Woman by Andy Warhol. Singularly defining Andy Warhol’s illustrious corpus of art history paintings, Portrait of a Young Woman (After Cranach) takes for its subject the titular painting by the German Renaissance master Lucas Cranach the Elder and reimagines it with faultless execution in dazzling reds and vibrant yellows. Having built a career transforming the quotidian into mass manufactured high art, in the 1980s Warhol turned his gaze towards the transformation of art history. The series Art from Art, which depicts cropped images of iconic Old Master and Modern paintings, formed a crucial art historical thread in the important last decade of Warhol’s life. An unmitigated masterpiece and the most resolved work from this definitive series, Portrait of a Young Woman (After Cranach) also engages with the Warholian trope of female beauty that punctuates the artist’s most celebrated works; from his mesmerising renderings of Elizabeth Taylor to his legendary paintings of the Mona Lisa and Marilyn Monroe.