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Our Lady of the Rosary with Saint Dominic and Saint Rose by Cuzco School

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Rolled Canvas
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Iconic Virgins with their triangular robes form part of the traditional typology of Cusco painting. They are composed of an imposing pyramidal figure, topped by the majestic face of Mary, accompanied by the tiny head of the Infant Jesus and the hands of both figures arranged in highly symbolic gestures. Because they are representations of objects of worship, the background is composed of an altarpiece or drapery. Its origin can be traced to the devotional art of Counter-Reformation Europe. Miraculous sculptures of the enthroned Virgin from the Romance or High Medieval period reappeared during this period in an effort to revitalize the old forms of worship. A pedestal was placed under the throne to increase the figure’s stature, and she was draped with stiff vestments, creating the impression that she was standing. The most famous examples of these Virgins were reproduced in engravings, serving as models for the representation of devotion in the Americas. Such is the case with this Our Lady of the Rosary, which “portrays” the image venerated in the Limachurch of Saint Dominic, accompanied here by Saint Dominic and Saint Rose of Lima.