Pablo Picasso

La Famille Soler by Pablo Picasso

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Rolled Canvas
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Along with the screaming, woeful, sad and deeply philosophical works of Pablo Picasso’s blue period of creativity, there are several paintings that do not bear such tragic motives, although they do not contradict the general range chosen by the artist at that time. The Soler Family is one such creation. he family portrait “The Soler Family” is made in the so-called “breakfast on the grass” genre, which was once fashionable among impressionists. A large family of Soler is located around a crumpled tablecloth on the ground. The entire background of the picture is given conditionally – it is only indicated by a contrasting dark blue color. The “breakfast” itself is also very sketchy and original – an empty plate, some fruit, an overturned bottle and a rabbit, which supposedly had just been shot down.