Kazimir Malevich

House under construction by Kazimir Malevich

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House under construction is one of the earliest examples of Suprematism, a movement that made its debut in Malevich's contribution to 'The Last Futurist Exhibition: 0, 10', held in St Petersburg from 17 December 1915 to 15 January 1916. It is not known if the Australian National Gallery's painting was shown in this exhibit, however, stylistic similarities strongly link it to works of this period.The title, House under construction, which is inscribed in the artist's hand on the back of the canvas, also links it with the first Suprematist works. The catalogue for the '0, 10' exhibition lists a number of titles which refer to a subject, for example, Pictorial realism of a football player, Pictorial realism of a boy with a knapsack, or Pictorial realism of a peasant woman in two dimensions. The majority of the works in the exhibition, however, are given less descriptive titles—either Pictorial masses in motion (nos 48–59), or Colour masses in two dimensions in a peaceful state (nos 60–77). After thisexhibition Malevich dropped discursive titles and listed his works simply as Suprematist painting.