Head of Christ by Rembrandt

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The Head of Christ is a 1648 painting by the Dutch artist Rembrandt. It is now in the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin.There are multiple versions of Rembrandt's Head of Christ which compose an international collection of paintings in the possession of a number of different cultural institutions and individuals. During the course of the 19th-century it was supposed that these similar heads were based on a "Jewish model" (leading some to suppose that Rembrandt himself was Jewish, since he lived in what was considered the "Jewish quarter" of Amsterdam). These heads in varying poses were possibly created as devotional objects. Today about a dozen are known, but only this one is considered by the RRP to be by the master's hand. It is one of the paintings that were in the large Rodolphe Kann collection purchased as a whole by Joseph Duveen and came into the collection via a bequest by Herr and Frau Martin Bromberg of Hamburg.