Raja Ravi Varma

Ganga Avataran by Raja Ravi Varma

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Rolled Canvas
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Ganga Avataran by Raja Ravi Varma.A stunning work which shows Lord Shiva in all his glory. To absolve his ancestors of all their sins, Bhagiratha performs a rigid and severe penance on being told that only the water from Ganga can purify their sins. Pleased with the severity of his penance and his determination, Lord Brahma grants him his wish and Ganga, never one to disobey Brahma's orders comes gushing down, unmindful of her power and surge.With the cascading water threatening to destroy everything in its wake, Brahma advises Bhagiratha to pray to Shiva for help. A dread-locked Shiva comes to his devotee and earth's rescue by majestically standing upright and directing Ganga's flow into his hair to control the flow of the powerful river. The breathtaking scene shows Bhagiratha in absolute devotion while Shiva's consort Parvati watches the descent of Ganga while leaning causally on Nandi, Shiva's vahan. Shiva's angry pose and Parvati's benign look tells a tale in itself.