Francisco de Goya

The Threshing Floor by Francisco de Goya

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Rolled Canvas
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The Threshing Floor is an oil sketch by Francisco Goya. He produced it as a small-scale sketch for Summer, part of a set of designs for tapestries for the Prince of Asturias' rooms in the Pardo Palace.It was presented to Charles of Bourbon and Maria Luisa of Parma, as well as to Charles III of Spain at the end of 1786. Much later Goya sold this and several other works to the Dukes of Osuna, who were major art patrons. They remained in the dukes' personal palace of Alameda de Osuna from 1788 until their sale to R. Trauman at auction in 1896. They were bought between 1925 and 1927 by the collector José Lázaro Galdiano and is still in the Lázaro Galdiano Museum.